Amanda Harberg’s Prayer Project

My music is often inspired by intense emotional experience. In 2011, my mother was diagnosed with a serious illness. Prayer was written as a response to this terrifying news. Thankfully, my mother recovered fully, and Prayer became the middle movement of my viola concerto, written for my friend Brett Deubner. In the years since, Prayer has also been performed by many soloists in multiple recital versions around the world. (You can explore some of these performances below).

The idea for a Prayer Project arose as I watched the coronavirus sweep around the globe in March 2020, bringing suffering and hardship to so many people in my personal circle and in the wider world. I have never felt such a need for music that communicates comfort, healing, and spirituality.

I started my Prayer Project to create a collaborative platform for highlighting music created from a spiritual and emotional place that I hope will be uplifting people who seek comfort in music. The first of these projects is a Virtual Flute Orchestra, which is currently in the works.

This page also offers links to performances of specific pieces of mine that I hope will be spiritually uplifting.

I invite you to explore the Prayer Project. Updates will be made regularly.

Stay safe and healthy everyone, and I hope you enjoy the music!

Prayer Project 1
Prayer for Virtual Flute Orchestra

Stay tuned for more details…

I had been greatly looking forward to the 2020 National Flute Convention, along with so many of my friends in the wonderful community of the NFA. When I first heard that the convention would be canceled, my husband suggested that I arrange Prayer for flute orchestra as a gesture of comfort and solidarity toward the flute community that has welcomed me so warmly over the years.

Prayer for Virtual Flute Orchestra will bring together 90-100 flutists under the baton of the renowned conductor Maestra JoAnn Falletta.

All of the performers will record their parts at home, while watching Maestra Falletta via video, and listening to a piano track that I’ve made for the project. My husband, the documentary producer Micah Fink, will combine the tracks and edit together the video for all to hear/see.

With special thanks to composer Eric Whitacre for pioneering virtual performances and inspiring this project!

Prayer Project: Music and Performances to Explore

Prayer, for flute and piano

Piccolo Sonata Second Movement

Prayer, for violin and piano

Air de Cour, from Court Dances

Elegy, for cello and piano

Prayer, for viola and orchestra

for viola and string orchestra

Inner Latitudes, for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Firefly Prelude
for viola and piano

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