Tales of Lyra

1. Eagle’s Ascent
2. Lyra’s Dance
Solo bass clarinet

Commissioned by Network for New Music, for bass clarinetist Paul Demers

To be premiered on November 7, 2021 at Icebox Project Space in Philadelphia, PA, by bass clarinetist Paul Demers.

Sheet music available from Theodore Presser Company.

Program Notes

Ancient stories come to life when we look at the stars. Lyra is a small constellation, which is often said to represent an eagle carrying the lyre of Orpheus. In the first movement, Eagle’s Ascent, I imagined a powerful eagle carrying memories of Orpheus filled with loss and beauty into the stars, for all to feel. The second movement, Lyra’s Dance, is an energetic musing on the lyre itself, embedded in the lively shimmering of the stars.

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