SATB a cappella chorus
1. Be still
2. Thy Soul
3. Lullay of Protection

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Amanda’s “Apparitions” provided me with one of the strongest sensations I ever had of occupying the spirit world for a few minutes. The intensity of the feeling has not diminished in twenty or so times we’ve performed the work. I think we are very fortunate to have worked with a composer who can write such a theatrically evocative work.

Program Notes

Apparitions is a series of ghost stories in song form. The minimalistic ‘Be Still’ derives its spookiness from the uses of chants, glissandos, whispers, drones and dark combinations of modes. ‘Thy Soul’ expresses the darkness of Poe’s text through its romantic chromaticism. And in ‘Lullaby of Protection’, Shakespeare’s fairies mischievously chase away the dark spirits.

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