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"The great new repertoire find on this CD is Amanda Harberg's Tenement Rhapsody...skillfully and idiomatically scored, rhythmically complex, challenging to play and exciting to hear."

     - The Clarinet

"[Amanda Harberg's "Venus Unhinged"] was wonderfully orchestrated, exotic, mystical and fit together. The third movement was especially evocative and very beautiful."

     - Albany Daily Gazette

Amanda Harberg

"Amanda Harberg writes truly beautiful music. This is rare in our time - in fact, in any time. She touches the soul and invigorates the brain at the same time. I love her work."

     - John Corigliano

"It was the Three Pieces by Amanda Harberg, performed with the composer at the piano, that left a vivid impression with their infectious capriciousness."

     - The Strad

Samples of Recent Performances:


Tenement Rhapsody performed by the New York Licorice Ensemble

Prayer for Orchestra performed by the Bay Atlantic Symphony, Conducted by Jed Gaylin

Clainet Sonata performed by Benjamin Fingland, Clarinet and Amanda Harberg, Piano