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Praise for Amanda Harberg

"A sultry excursion into lyricism"
      - New York Times

"Amanda Harberg's "Venus Unhinged" with Micah Fink's often lustrous images of the heavens to verse by Eliza Griswold and Margaret Atwood was wonderfully orchestrated, exotic, mystical and fit together. The third movement was especially evocative and very beautiful."
      - Albany Daily Gazette

"It was the Three Pieces by Amanda Harberg, performed with the composer at the piano, that left a vivid impression with their infectious capriciousness."
      - The Strad

"This is a CD "to die for"... "To this reveiewer's ears, the great new repertoire find on this CD is Amanda Harberg's Tenement Rhapsody...skillfully and idiomatically scored, rhythmically complex, challenging to play and exciting to hear. Clarinet ensembles with professional-level members who enjoy contemporary idioms and the challenge of virtuosic counterpoint will find this piece a wonderful new repertoire option."
      - The Clarinet

"Harberg is a pianist whose technical and interpretive abilities match her very accomplished compositional skills."
      - Classical New Jersey Society

"Introspective and melancholic, alternately soaring and brooding. Very intense...a sense of discipline leading to enlightenment and matter yielding to consciousness."
      - The Dance Insider, April 01, 2013

"She caught the underlying magic in each picture that she painted."
      - Maurice River Music Reviews

"Amanda Harberg's crisp, focused Philadelphia Suite for viola and piano stood out. Her music is always to the point. When it is lively, even fun, it is in a most audience-engaging manner. At other times she evokes a most hauntingly moving emotional landscape."
      - Classical New Jersey Society